Email template for Canva Youtube Clients

Subject: A Chance To Increase Your Channel’s Views By 100%


We are happy to compose this specifically for you and are looking for your attention. As far as I’m aware, you provide quality video on your YouTube channel.

I am………..” I work as a graphic designer for a living. I am an authority on creating YouTube thumbnails. I favour high-quality services over business operations.

Everyone decides whether or not to view a video based on the thumbnail, which is, as we all know, the initial impression of every video. I’m aware of how strong and excellent your material is, however if you’re concentrating on your content, you can’t pay as much attention to the thumbnail. I’m therefore here to help you and offer free testing services.

A excellent thumbnail, in my opinion, should always:

  • Convey the topic of the video.
  • When necessary, display the person’s face who is hospitably speaking.
  • Specify your brand.
  • Be responsive to all platforms.
  • Big and simple to read.
  • Invites those who would otherwise be uninterested.

I can create 2 free thumbnails for you in exchange for your approval of this interesting position job on your channel because I enjoy your content and find inspiration in your videos.

You will undoubtedly verify that my prices are lower than the competition and that the job is of the highest calibre. Each thumbnail costs two dollars only.

I would love to discuss this fantastic possibility with you in greater detail. I would be very happy to hear from you in regards to our proposal. You can reach me on WhatsApp at……

Best Regards

Your Name……

How to Make money with canva in  2023



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