As today world is of technological advancements and every day our ways of businesses and life styles are changing .Now modern era has blessed us with paperless (digital currency) which is in the form of Bitcoin, virtual currency and central bank digital currency. These currencies are stored, exchanged in the computer system especially over the internet. These currencies only exist in electronic form. Among above mentioned currencies, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange being the largest in the world in regard of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies.

As last decade can be recognized as the period of digital currencies ,therefore, Binance also founded in 2017 and is registered in Cayman Islands .Initially it was founded in China and headquarter was also there, but later on, it shifted its headquarter out of china as Chinese government regulations were getting quite intense in terms of Cryptocurrencies regulations.

Binance Currencies

Since after the inception of Binance, it has launched two cryptocurrencies developed by itself: Binance coin (BNB), and Binance USD (BUSD). In 2021 Binance coin was the digital currency with the world’s third highest market capitalization. From these stats one can imagine how large the trading volume of these currencies and how successfully they are working.

Binance (USD)     

It is a US Dollar pegged stable coin issued by Binance. BUSD is a widely used stable coin being the 2nd largest stable coin by market capitalization.

How To create Accoun on Binanace Video:

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Ways to earn money from Binance:

 Binance offers an opportunity to raise an individual’s asset holdings even in those times when an individual is not trading. In this blog, an individual can easily practice those ways to earn money from Binance

  • Building New Tokens by Holding BNB, BUSD, and Other Cryptocurrencies on Binance Launchpool
  • Yields: Recently introduced Binance Launchpool enables to earn crypto tokens from newly launched projects with just deposit of small amount in BNB liquidity pool.
  • Rasing Stablecoins with Binance Liquid Swap

In addition to, another liquidity product recently launched is Binance Liquid Swap. It’s an automated market maker (AMM) pool product, being the first in a centralized exchange, with hosting different pools of liquidity, enabling its hosts to exploit maximum profits with minimum chances of slippage and in return receive a share of the interest generated from joining the liquidity pool.

  • Stake Tokens from Binance Staking

Since 2019, Binance has encouraged the Proof-of-Stake mechanisms of various cryptocurrencies on this prestigious and successful, platform. It is so simple and convenient to do, just an individual needs to hold tokens on Binance, and subsequently it gives benefit from earning via Binance staking programs. Moreover, with Binanace locked staking, an individual can earn from 25 supported currencies. This is simple and no need to buy coins on Binance with using of crypto as an individual already owns it.

  • Invest tokens on Binance Locked staking for maximum yields:

This wonderful digital cryptocurrency offers an opportunity to  Binance Locked Staking enabling the investors/users to lock their tokens as for short period of time as 7 days to get benefit from maximum and higher yields.

Binance offers six type of locked staking opportunities to the users which is possible with participating projects staking mechanisms with annual yields as high as 16% with additional several opportunities for earning free crypto.

  • Get involved in DeFi Staking

    With this DeFi (decentralized finance), an individual or fresher can also take part in earning options as good opportunities available for one’s tokens. In this scenario, Binance has launched various products that gives annual yields as high as one cannot imagine which is 60% with using BNB, USDT, and DAI and much more to come in future.

  • Get Interest from Binance Savings Products

With convenient option of Binance Savings, this digital cryptocurrency offers variety of saving products, through which individual can earn free coin on Binance from the yields they generate. It offers an option of flexible savings with an ease of deposit and redeem anytime .It also offers an opportunity to secure one’s individual crypto for several days and then he/she could withdraw for big interest payouts.

  • Fixed Savings

    This option lets to save 24 popular tokens in crypto entailing BTC, ETH, USDT or BNB having lock up duration of 7-90 days .An individual can avail this opportunity at any time but one condition is, that individual could only redeem these after the lock up period. It is much similar to traditional bond which we purchase in our routine life.

Minimum Investment: $100

Fees: Zero fees

APY: Dynamic APY (5-15%)

Distribution: Daily

Risk Level: None, guaranteed capital earnings.


As today’s technological world is offering much opportunities to earn handsome money ,this digital currency market is growing with fast pace and almost in every country there are multiple platforms which are dealing in these currencies as they provide convenience and offers the best option of earning good profits without traditional paper currency. Though, there are several apprehensions on the working mechanisms or physical existence of these digital crypto currencies but these such digital currencies are now like hot cakes for potential investors and individuals.

Researched & opinion by

Muhammad Hassan Iqbal (MS in Management Sciences)



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